APARC SSG Nominations

We are currently inviting nominations from highly enthusiastic and dedicated experts to  become a member of the APARC Scientific Steering Group (SSG) – you can either nominate a candidate or nominate yourself. During recent years, the project’s scope has been broadened to now include dynamical and chemical processes in the whole atmosphere. APARC strives to understand atmospheric dynamics and composition, as well as its implications for climate variability and climate change.

The SSG and co-chairs guide APARC’s priorities and research activities and work together with, and are supported by, the APARC project office. The SSG provides leadership for APARC and represents a broad spectrum of disciplines and nationalities, including both junior and senior scientists. The duties and responsibilities of SSG members are outlined in the Terms of Reference. SSG members are expected to provide scientific guidance and oversight to the APARC community and its activities and participate in developing and reviewing the scientific strategy for the APARC community.

SSG members are selected for their broad knowledge in atmospheric science and climate change as well as expertise in their own research area. Furthermore, members will be selected to provide a balanced representation of relevant expertise, considering the career stage with due consideration of geographical and gender balance. The four-year membership term will be from January 2025 – December 2028, with a possible two-year extension. Among all applications received, the current SSG and co-chairs will propose new members for final approval by the Joint Scientific Committee (JSC). Note: all applications/nominations received since 2022 are still being considered.

The deadline for submitting your nomination is 12 May 2024. (Self-)Nominations can be submitted through an online form (see below) on the APARC website or via email to the APARC project office. We will not share your personal information with third-party marketers or use it for any purposes other than those listed above. All (self-)nominations from the last three years will be considered this year, and therefore we ask not to submit a self-nomination again or to repeat the nomination this year.

We recommend that early career researchers have experience with specific APARC activities and maybe take up activity leadership roles, before being nominated for the SSG. Activity Leaders attend the annual SSG meetings, which provide a great opportunity to get to know how APARC operates. If you are interested in getting involved in APARC, including ideas for new foci, please visit the APARC webpage for more information or contact the APARC project office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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