APARC – Atmospheric Processes And their Role in Climate

A core project of the World Climate Research Programme, APARC coordinates international efforts to bring knowledge of the atmosphere to bear on issues regarding climate variability and prediction. APARC themes and activities address areas of societal concern such as:

Atmospheric dynamics and predictability: The climate science community faces new challenges, including the need to provide skilful and reliable regional climate predictions from months to decades ahead. APARC, together with others in the WCRP community, focuses on understanding atmospheric dynamics and climate variability to provide better climate predictions on scales from seasonal all the way to centennial. More.

Chemistry and climate: Atmospheric composition plays an integral role in the climate system, with feedbacks on both dynamical and radiative processes throughout the atmosphere. APARC promotes a holistic view of the effect of concurrent changes to understand the implications for climate and climate change, as well as providing a better understanding of the gases controlled by the Montreal Protocol. More.

Long-term records for climate understanding: APARC is renowned for its role in assessing the value of long-term climate records. These records are used to improve our understanding of climate variability and trends as well as for evaluating models and our knowledge of the climate system. APARC promotes the creation, analysis, and interpretation of long-term climate observations that require international cooperation. More.