Emerging Activities

SLCFs – Climate Response to Short-lived Climate Forcers

Activity leaders:

Bill Collins
University of Reading

Activity description:

The route from emission of a short-lived pollutant to climate impact involves a chain of many processes and spans many academic fields (gas-phase and heterogeneous-phase chemistry, aerosol physics, cloud physics, climate dynamics). This activity will focus on the last of these, the climate response to a given forcing.

The main scientific questions addressed by this activity are:

  1. How does the atmosphere adjust to changes in short-lived climate forcers (SLCFs), and what is the contribution of these rapid adjustments on the effective radiative forcing (ERF)?
  2. How does the climate respond to different patterns of these ERFs?
  •      Is the global climate sensitivity the same as for CO2?
  •      Does the climate respond on the same timescales as for a CO2 forcing?
  •      How does the spatial pattern of the response relate to the spatial pattern of the forcing?