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Ozone profile trends

The SPARC/IO3C/IGACO-O3/NDACC (SI2N) initiative produced over 50 journal articles in a joint Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics/Atmospheric Measurement Techniques/Earth System Science Data special issue. The full list of articles can be found here.

CCM validation

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Dynamical Variability

Gravity waves

Polar Stratospheric Clouds

Solar influence

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Quasi-biennial oscillation


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Stratospheric Sulfur (SSiRC)

Temperature changes (previous temperature trends activity)

Water vapour (I)

  • Rosenlof, K.H., S.J. Oltmans, D. Kley, J.M. Russell III, E.-W. Chiou, W.P. Chu, D.G. Johnson, K.K. Kelly, H.A. Michelsen, G.E. Nedoluha, E.E. Remsberg, G.C. Toon, M.P. McCormick (2001)Stratospheric water vapour increases over the past half-century. Geophysical Research Letters 28(7), pp. 1195-1198, DOI: 10.1029/2000GL012502.

Middle atmosphere climatology

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