11th MIPAS-IMK/IAA data user meeting

Karlsruhe, Germany, 26-27 October 2016

The 11th MIPAS-IMK/IAA data user meeting will take place at KIT/IMK in Karlsruhe on 26/27 October 2016.

During this meeting, presentations on the most recent MIPAS data products and their validation will be given; data issues will be discussed. Scientific work on the basis of MIPAS-IMK/IAA data will be presented, including over-arching data-bases including MIPAS-IMK-IAA data. Beyond this, time will be allocated for possible MIPAS follow-up missions. During this meeting, you will have the possibility to present your work with MIPAS data, to discuss your specific needs with the data providers, and to make contact with other data users.

The programme committee:

  • Gabriele Stiller
  • Thomas von Carmann
  • Manuel Lopez-Puertas
  • Bernd Funke

For questions please contact the local organizing committee:

Andrea Linden and Sylvia Kellmann: mduorg [at] imk-asf.kit.edu