7th SPARC General Assembly ECR awards for best oral and best poster presentation

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Early Career Presentation awards at the recent 7th SPARC General Assembly. In keeping with the multi-hub nature of the meeting, we awarded prizes for best oral and best poster presentation at each of our three hubs.

Best ECR oral and poster presentations

AsiaJiankai ZhangTalkResponses of Arctic sea ice to stratospheric ozone depletion
Feiyang WangPosterInfluence of stratospheric polar vortex on the tropical convection related to MJO
EuropeJonas SpaethTalkPredictors of Arctic Oscillation Variability as Revealed by Subseasonal-to-Seasonal Forecasts
Irina StatnaiaPosterFactors affecting sub-seasonal forecast skill of Northern Eurasian cold spells
Philipp BreulPosterRevisiting the wintertime emergent constraint of the Southern Hemispheric midlatitude jet response to global warming
AmericasPeidong WangTalkChlorine processing after the 2020 Australian wildfire
Xinyue WangPosterStratospheric Responses to the Hunga Tonga Volcanic Eruption

Thank you to everyone who helped us to judge the presentations and particularly to Alison Ming for her organisation of the process.