Abstract deadline: 13 April – IAGA 2013 Scientific Assembly

Of particular interest to the SPARC community is the session on IAMAS-ICMA middle atmosphere science at the upcoming IAGA 2013 Scientific Assembly, to be held 26-31 August 2013 in Mérida, Mexico.

Invitation by Dan Marsh, Andrew Charlton-Perez, and O. Morgenstern Session conveners

2.5 Middle atmosphere science

Papers related to any aspect of the dynamics, chemistry, or physics of the atmosphere from near the tropopause to the lower thermosphere are appropriate for this session.

Observational, modeling and theoretical papers are all solicited. Research topics include (but are not limited to): multiple-scale dynamics and mixing, observations and modeling of gravity waves, stratospheric chemistry and ozone, microphysics, chemistry and dynamics of the UTLS, and intraseasonal and interannual variations in the middle atmosphere. In particular, investigations of the middle atmosphere in the context of climate of the whole atmosphere are encouraged.

Other ICMA sponsored sessions:

J10Div. II/III/ICMA Energetic particle precipitation into the atmosphere: sources and consequences

2.2 Div II/ICMA Electrodynamics and energetics of the middle atmosphere and lower thermosphere: the local and global picture

2.3 Div II/ICMA Coupling Processes in the Atmosphere-Ionosphere System

2.4 Div II/ICMA and CAWSES-II/SCOSTEP Long- and short-term solar influences in the middle and upper atmosphere

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