Announcement: Ozone_cci User Workshop 16-17 March 2021

16-17 March 2021, online : 2 half-day virtual sessions via Webex (in the late afternoon, to facilitate participation of Canadian and US colleagues).

The workshop will provide overviews of the different ozone data products generated in Ozone_cci in recent years and of their quality. We will further discuss applications of the ozone data products by international initiatives, for instance for trend assessments, for re-analysis, and for the evaluation of atmospheric models. In addition, we have planned selected talks on key science highlights in recent years.

The European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative aims to realise the full potential of the longterm global Earth Observation archives that ESA, together with its member states, has established over the past 30 years. This workshop focuses on the generation and exploitation of CCI’s multidecadal time series of harmonised and consistent ozone data suitable to assess long-term changes in total ozone, as well as its vertical distribution.

Day 1: Ozone_cci Climate Data Records and Quality Assessment

Presentation by the CCI team of the ozone data records in the CCI portfolio. We discuss their characteristics and illustrate how to obtain and work with these data records. We also provide our assessment of their quality

Day 2: Scientific use of Ozone_cci data

Presentation by researchers outside the CCI team of selected scientific topics and international initiatives, where Ozone_cci data records (can) make an important contribution.

Find more information on the program, and the registration form on the meeting webpage.