Announcement: WCRP Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change Lighthouse Webinar

The WCRP Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change Lighthouse Activity invites you to join the third webinar of the series that will provide a discussion forum on topics focused on predicting and explaining a range of different climate phenomena and events, while supporting the further development of a scientific agenda. 

This third webinar will focus on global and regional changes in drought and aspects related to a changing climate.


  • Aiguo Dai (University at Albany, USA): Drought Under Global Warming
  • Alessandra Giannini (Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique/IPSL, France; and IRI, USA): Attribution of climate change: the case of late 20th century Sahel drought
  • Juan Rivera (CCT Mendoza, CONICET, Argentina): Mechanisms behind the recent unprecedented drying along the Central Andes of Argentina

The event will take place on 15th February 2023, from 15:00hs to 16:30hs UTC. Speakers will give a 20-minute talk each followed by a round table discussion, with questions from participants. 

Registrations are free and can be done via