CCMI-2022 archive of model output

We are happy to announce that the archive of CCMI-2022 model data is now available to the community. More information on how to gain access to the archive can be found on the CCMI website at

Note that to help us keep track of what analyses are being performed by different groups, we ask you to register for access and provide us with a short description of the analysis you plan. You will also be asked to agree to the conditions of the Restricted Use General Licence, which is meant to formulate the conditions of access during Phase 1 of the project as described in the CCMI data policy. This is the usual conditions of requiring an offer of co-authorship to representatives of modelling groups if you use their data for a publication within the first 18 months of the data being made available. The CCMI data policy can be viewed at

Much of the model data currently available is for the historical refD1 experiment (1960 – 2018), though scenario simulations are available for a couple of models. We are expecting both refD1 outputs from a couple of additional models and additional scenario simulations in the coming weeks. You can easily browse the current state of the archive through

Thanks again to the many people who have been volunteering their efforts to get things this far. We look forward to a lot of interesting science coming out of these simulations.