Climate stories: dealing with uncertainty

Tuesday July 25th 11:00-12:30 Arg | 14:00-15:30 UTC 

This webinar is the second one in the webinar series “Actionable Climate Knowledge” from the Argentinean Hub of the My Climate Risk Lighthouse Activity. In this webinar we will focus on a topic of growing interest: the study of climate storylines. Through two research experiences in Argentina, we will show different disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches that try to respond to the following challenge: how to build socially relevant climate information to face the challenges posed by climate change.  

Julia Mindlin (CIMA-UBA-CONICET-IFAECI-CNRS-IRD, Argentina) 

Assessment of plausible changes in Climatic Impact-drivers relevant for the viticulture sector: a storyline approach with a climate service perspective 

M. Florencia Fossa Riglos (PERyG-CESIA-EIDAES/UNSAM, Argentina) 

Climate storylines as a disputed field of meanings: an interdisciplinary approach 

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