Message from WCRP leaders on recent developments concerning the Implementation Plan

Dear Colleagues,

The Implementation and Transition Meeting Report is now finalized and available on the WCRP website. Please note that the report reflects discussions during the 2-day meeting, but also lists the key outcomes following the 40th Session of the Joint Scientific Committee (JSC-40), in particular, the timeline and conceptual framework, to avoid confusion. The JSC-40 Report will be published in the next few weeks. You will see from the implementation timeline and milestones that the next step in the process is consolidation. This includes refinement of the science questions, conceptual framework, and of the key elements for operations, delivery, and engagement. It also includes the identification of science, funding, and infrastructure needs and partner and stakeholder consultation. In the next weeks, a number of task teams will be formed to begin this process. We will soon be in touch with more information on this opportunity.

To share our plans as widely as possible we have put together an MS PowerPoint presentation that provides information on the WCRP Strategic and Implementation Plans. Now that the Strategic Plan has been finalized, we invite you to disseminate the key details of our Plan and its implementation process.

We thank you all for your contributions to this important first step and look forward to working with you all in the coming months.

Kind regards

Detlef Stammer
Chair WCRP Joint Scientific Committee

Helen Cleugh
Vice-chair WCRP Joint Scientific Committee

Pavel Kabat
in his capacity as WCRP Director