Opportunity to join Editorial Board for the 2022 10 New Insights in Climate Science.

Jointly with Future Earth and The Earth League, WCRP has been asked to nominate experts to be part of the Editorial Board for the 2022 10 New Insights in Climate Science (NICS).

The 10 NICS became very well known and a paper is being produced out of it every year. To assure that the 10 NICS continue to have the standard and quality that we intent it to have (it does have the WCRP co-ownership) we have to assure that sufficient involvement from WCRP exists, not just in terms of chapter authors, but also in terms of deciding which topics belong into the document. I therefore strongly encourage everybody to consider participating. 10 NICS are being presented at the COP of every year in a well attended press conference and published as a reviewed paper. 

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