Public Review of 2021 Status Report on the Global Climate Observing System

The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) is inviting everyone interested to take part in a public review of the draft of their 2021 Status Report.

This important report provides an overview of the adequacy of the observing system as a whole and considers the status of observations of each Essential Climate Variable (ECV).  It covers atmospheric, oceanic, terrestrial, cryospheric and hydrological variables.  Its publication will be followed by an implementation plan in 2022 that will address gaps and new and developing needs.  The report will be considered by the UNFCCC, sponsors of GCOS and other international observing systems. 

The public review of the 2021 GCOS Status Report is open to all.  Your input will help shape the global climate observing system in the next 6 years.  Comments will be considered by the GCOS expert panels (atmosphere, ocean and terrestrial as appropriate) who will adjust the document accordingly.

After addressing all the comments, the revised draft will be considered by the GCOS Steering Committee for approval and publication.  GCOS aims to publish this report in July 2021 and submit it for consideration by the UNFCCC and the GCOS sponsors. 

While some information is asked about reviewers this will only be used to check if there is a good regional and gender balance and range of expertise. Reviewers submitting comments will be acknowledged by name and affiliation.

The review can be accessed at:

Registration is live now, and the review will start on the 15 February.

Documents are available to download from 12 February. The deadline for comments is 2 April 2021.