Registration open: CFC-11 Symposium 25-27 March, Vienna, Austria


The purpose of the Symposium is to provide a forum for scientists and technologists to explore  and present information on the potential causes of the increased CFC-11 emissions. This  information will provide a firmer scientific basis for discussions amongst the Parties of the  Montreal Protocol in the coming years. The Symposium is open to discussions on all aspects of  CFC-11 and related compounds, from production to atmospheric loss, along with  environmental impact of the molecule

Topics include, but are not exclusive:
Pathways by which CFC-11 is produced primarily, or inadvertently, along with feedstocks  for that production (e.g., CCl4) and co-produced compounds (e.g., CFC-12).
Feedstock usages of CFC-11
Primary usages of CFC-11, both historical and current
Emission sources for CFC-11 and related compounds, their magnitudes, and timescales  for CFC-11 release.
Analysis of compounds that can be used to trace atmospheric transport of CFC-11
Bottom-up estimates of global and regional CFC-11 emissions
Atmospheric observations, sampling techniques, and analysis of CFC-11 and related  compounds (ground, aircraft, satellite)
Top-down emission estimates of global and regional CFC-11 emissions
Lifetime estimates of CFC-11 and CFC-11 loss processes
Ozone depletion from the increased emissions to date, and projected for the future
Other environmental impact of the increased emissions, including increases of UV and climate.

Registration information:

The Symposium is limited to 100 persons. Hence, attendance will be approved by the Scientific  Steering Committee if applications are oversubscribed. Priorities on attendance will be based upon (a) whether an applicant has submitted an accepted abstract and (b) their technical and scientific interests and standing.
Limited travel funding will be available for attendance, again subject to priorities outlined  above.

Registration will be open until January 2, 2019

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