Request for input: Decadal survey in Earth science applications from space

The US National Academy of Sciences is preparing for the Decadal Survey in Earth Science Applications from Space, and is requesting short (1500 word) white papers from the broad scientific community with a deadline of November 2nd. We are encouraging you to consider responding to this request, highlighting a scientific issue that should inform plans for future space observations that is important to the SPARC community.

Submissions should address:

1. What are the key challenges or questions for Earth System Science across the spectrum of basic research, applied research, applications, and/or operations in the coming decade?
2. Why are these challenge/questions timely to address now especially with respect to readiness?
3. Why are space-based observations fundamental to addressing these challenges/questions?

In your responses to these questions, please focus on the role of space-based observations and comment on:

a. Whether existing and planned U.S. and international programs will provide the capabilities necessary to make substantial progress on the identified challenge and associated questions. If not, what additional investments are needed?
b. How to link space-based observations with other observations to increase the value of data for addressing key scientific questions and societal needs;
c. The anticipated scientific and societal benefits; and
d. The science communities that would be involved.

For more details and a submission form, see:


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