Science Update: 4-10 July

A selection of new science articles from the past week of interest to the SPARC community (a SPARC Office choice).

Stratospheric intrusions, the Santa Ana winds, and wildland fires in southern California. By A.O. Langford et al. in Geophysical Research Letters.

HCFC-133a (CF3CH2Cl): OH Rate Coefficient, UV and Infrared Absorption Spectra, and Atmospheric Implications. By M.R. McGillen et al. in Geophysical Research Letters.

Numerical simulations of extratropical tropopause-penetrating convection: Sensitivities to grid resolution. By C.R. Homeyer in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.

The Response of the South Asian Summer Monsoon to Temporal and Spatial Variations in Absorbing Aerosol Radiative Forcing. By S.-Y. Lee and C. Wang in the Journal of Climate.

Maximum likelihood representation of MIPAS profiles. By T. von Clarmann et al. in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques.

Sensitivities of Lagrangian modelling of mid-latitude cirrus clouds to trajectory data quality. By E. Kienast-Sjögren et al. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Characterisation of J(O1D) at Cape Grim 2000–2005. By S.R. Wilson in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Discussion papers – open for comment

Enhanced internal gravity wave activity and breaking over the Northeastern Pacific/Eastern Asian region. By P. Sacha et al. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions.