Science Update: Combined SAGE II-GOMOS ozone profile data set 1984-2011 and trend analysis of the vertical distribution of ozone

A new, homogeneous long-term data set of vertical ozone profile observations has been compiled using SAGE II and GOMOS observations. The combined data set covers latitudes 60°N-60°S and the altitude range of 20-60km (at 1km vertical resolution) for the period 1984-2011. Trend analysis of the data indicates that in equatorial regions at altitudes of 38-45km the negative ozone trend observed from 1984-1997 has reversed to a small positive trend of 0-2% per decade. In the 30-35km range, however, ozone loss has increased. At mid-latitudes a similar trend reversal is observed, with the negative trend prior to 1997 (-4-10%/decade) also becoming a small positive trend (0-2%/decade).

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