Tipping Element Discussion Series

We are delighted to invite you to the following event in the Tipping Element Discussion Series

Paleoclimate insights on societal collapse 
How did climate influence the collapse of ancient civilizations? 

3 June 2022, 17:30 – 19:00 CEST 

Join AIMES, Earth Commission, Future Earth and the WCRP Safe Landing Climates Lighthouse Activity for the Paleo focused webinar in a series that aims to advance the knowledge about tipping elements, irreversibility, and abrupt changes in the Earth system. This event will look at paleo insights on climate change and how it has impacted societies – sometimes leading to their collapse. 

Presentations : 

  • Collapse of complex societies – Joseph Tainter (Utah State University) 
  • How climate change impacted ancient civilizations- Ann Kinzig (Arizona State University) 

Moderated by Timothy Lenton (University of Exeter)

REGISTER:  https://tipping-series-positive-paleo-collaps.confetti.events