Second Ozone CCI User Workshop (28-29 May 2024)


The European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative (CCI) aims to realise the full potential of the long-term Earth Observation archives collected by ESA and Third Party satellite missions. Since 2010, the Ozone CCI team ( has been developing, maturing, generating and sustaining multiple complementary multi-decadal satellite ozone Climate Data Records (CDRs) tailored for climate monitoring, climate research and climate modelling applications. The CCI portfolio consists of total and tropospheric ozone column data products as well as vertically resolved ozone products by nadir and limb-viewing sensors.


The main objectives of this workshop are (a) to bring together scientists involved in the generation of ozone Climate Data Records, as well as (potential) users of such multi-decadal ozone time series, and the broader ozone and climate communities, (b) to present the state of the art in ozone Climate Data Record production, (c) to discuss results from major Climate Data Record users, e.g., stratospheric ozone assessments for WMO/UNEP, tropospheric ozone assessments for TOAR II, studies focusing on UT/LS, evaluation of climate modelling, data assimilation and reanalysis, (d) to collect and update user requirements for ozone Climate Data Records, and (e) to discuss remaining challenges for the generation of ozone Climate Data Records.


Only registered participants will receive meeting access details prior to the workshop. There will be no fee, but you’ll have to bring your own coffee. You are kindly invited to register for the workshop before Tuesday 14 May 13h UTC at: