30th SPARC SSG Meeting November 2022

Meeting Agenda

There will be multiple online meetings over two weeks in January 2022.

The first 3 hour meeting on the 08 November 2022 will dedicated to SPARC activity reports and reports from partner projects.

The second 3 hour meeting on the 10 November 2022 is dedicated to the implementation of the new SPARC strategy, with discussions on the new structure, and how to start the transition to a new era for SPARC.

The final 3 hours meeting on the 16 November2022 will be reserved for continued discussions on the SPARC strategy and implementation. There will be the SPARC business updates, and the second part of the meeting will be a closed SSG session to discuss internal issues concerning the SPARC SSG only.


The SPARC Office will be sending instructions on how to connect to all relevant meeting participants. If you have any questions, please contact the SPARC Office at office(at)sparc-climate.org.

Preparatory Documents

Activity reports and meeting presentations including recordings can be found here. This information is only available to registered participants of the meeting.