2013 SCOPE-CM Call for Letters of Intent

The Executive Panel of SCOPE-CM is calling for letters of intent for SCOPE-CM (SCM) projects aiming at advancing the maturity of Climate Data REcords constructed from satellite data.

SCOPE-CM (“Sustained and coordinated processing of Environmental Satellite data for Climate Monitoring”) is a network of agencies and operators of environmental satellite systems and interfaces with WMO, WCRP, GCOS, CEOS and GEO. It offers its support to coordinate and facilitiate activities related to Climate Data Records constructed from multi-agency satellite data. Rather then supporting specific projects financially, SCOPE-CM provides coordination and the interaction into the participating agencies own programmes and activities.

If you need further information on SCOPE-CM and the 2013 call for proposals please contact the SCOPE-CM Secretariat: Lothar Sch├╝ller, SCOPE-CM Secretariat, EUMETSAT, . The call closes on 31 January 2013.