2nd Announcement: Workshop: “Tri-MIP-Athlon”

A Joint AerChemMIP / RFMIP / PDRMIP Workshop in Support of CMIP6

Dates: 11-15 June 2018

Venue: University of Reading, Reading, UK

Theme: New Science opportunities from CMIP6 multi-model forcing response experiments.

The Joint workshop will focus on the use of multi-model experiments to quantify the effective radiative forcing driven by changes in composition and the consequent climate responses. Data from idealised experiments are already available from PDRMIP. For the first time in CMIP, forcing data from all the CMIP6 climate models will be generated under the RFMIP protocols, and further broken down by forcing component in RFMIP and AerChemMIP.

Workshop goals:

  1. To discuss RFMIP and AerChemMIP experiments and plan analyses
  2. To discuss the scientific results coming from PDRMIP and related analyses and the potential for new science from CMIP6 on composition, forcing and response.

This workshop will be of interest to all those analysing/planning to analyse model forcing and response. Attendance from modelling centres contributing to RFMIP or AerChemMIP experiments is encouraged.

Abstract submission:

Email your title and abstract (around 200 words) as a word document to by 20th April. Please indicate whether your abstract is focused on PDRMIP (Monday and Tuesday) or RFMIP/AerChemMIP (Tuesday and Wednesday).


Find more details in the 2nd Announcement (PDF, 0.1 MB)