8th Atmospheric Limb Workshop in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15-17 September 2015

Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 17 June 2015

The 8th International Atmospheric Limb Workshop will be hosted by The Department of Earth and Space Sciences at Chalmers University of Technology.

Scientific Focus:

  • Limb measurements: Emission (UV, visible, IR, microwave), occultation (solar, stellar, lunar), scattering
  • Past, current and future spaceborne instruments: SMR, OSIRIS, ACE, GOMOS, MIPAS, SCIAMACHY, SMILES, SAGE, SABER, MLS, SOFIE, HIRDLS, OMPS, ALTIUS, MATS, STEAM
  • Observations and modelling: Mesosphere and above, stratosphere, UTLS and troposphere
  • Retrieval algorithms and data assimilation
  • Radiative transfer and spectroscopy


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