First announcement: Tri-MIP-athlon-2; 11-14 June, Princeton, NJ, USA


The joint workshop will focus on new results from the multi-model experiments to quantify changes in composition, the resulting effective radiative forcing and the consequent climate responses. Data from idealised experiments are already available from PDRMIP. Data generated under the RFMIP and AerChemMIP protocols is being made available at

Workshop goals:

To discuss scientific results emerging from the analysis of AerChemMIP, RFMIP and PDRMIP simulations in support of IPCC-AR6. This workshop will be of interest to all those analyzing chemistry-climate interactions, air quality-climate connections, model forcing and response. We encourage attendance from modeling centers contributing to AerChemMIP or RFMIP experiments.

Workshop Format:

The workshop will run from 9:00am on Tuesday 11th June and end at 1:00pm on Friday 14th June. The format will include science presentations (oral and poster) and discussion sessions.

More information including details on how to register and submit abstract will be sent out in the coming weeks.

Deadlines: Abstract submission and registration by April 12th 2019

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Bill Collins (U Reading), Stephanie Fiedler (MPI), Piers Forster (U Leeds), Jean-François Lamarque (NCAR), Gunnar Myhre (CICERO), Vaishali Naik (GFDL), David Paynter (GFDL), Robert Pincus (U Colorado), V. Ramaswamy (GFDL), Michael Schulz (Met Norway), and Bjorn Stevens (MPI)

Local Organizing Committee: David Paynter, Vaishali Naik, and V. Ramaswamy


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