Job Opportunity: Head of climate group at physikalisch-Meteorologische Observatorium Davos und World Radiation Center

The „Physikalisch-Meteorologische Observatorium Davos und World Radiation Center“ (PMOD/WRC) is advertising for the position of head of the climate group, who will continue and develop research into the Earth’s system and upper atmosphere modeling. PMOD/WRC is a research institute and international calibration center focused on meteorological solar radiation and imaging measurements. In our function as the World Radiation Centre, we ensure the worldwide standardization of solar irradiation measurements and maintain several groups of reference instruments. A substantial part of our activity also relates to study of atmospheric aerosol, ozone layer, terrestrial climate, Sun’s activity and space weather. A team of about 50 employees conducts research and designs and builds instruments (both for ground and space) at PMOD/WRC, which is situated in the highest alpine city and has a research history going back more than 100 years (

Application deadline is 29 October 2021. Full description and more information can be found here.