Share your views on the Future of Atmospheric Chemistry Research

National Research Council of the National Academies, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate

The United States National Research Council’s (NRC) Committee on The Future of Atmospheric Chemistry Research is inviting input from the atmospheric chemistry research community including scientists, students, and postdocs from academia, government, and the private sector on topics such as:

  • Key scientific questions that will drive fundamental atmospheric chemistry science over the next decade;
  • Important societal and interdisciplinary science challenges affected by and affecting atmospheric chemistry science; and
  • Current and future infrastructure or community capabilities, such as measurement technologies, models, observational platforms, or other infrastructure investments.

To this end, the committee has opened a "virtual town hall" questionnaire at

In addition, the committee will hold four in-person town halls in Boulder, Boston, DC and
Irvine in the US over the next two months. For a full schedule of the meetings please see

Further information on the study and the community input phase may be found at