SPARC Science update: 02 March – 08 March

A selection of new science articles from the past week of interest to the SPARC community (a SPARC Office choice).

Model physics and chemistry causing intermodel disagreement within the VolMIP-Tambora Interactive Stratospheric Aerosol ensemble. By M. Clyne et al. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Quantifying the influence of short-term emission reductions on climate. By J.C. Fyfe et al. in Science Advances.

Sensitivity of QBO teleconnection to model circulation biases. By A.Y. Karpechko, N.L. Tyrell, and S. Rast in the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

Discussion papers – open for comment:

Contributions of equatorial planetary waves and small-scale convective gravity waves to the 2019/20 QBO disruption. By M.-J. Kang and H.-Y. Chun in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.