SPARC Science update: 07 February – 13 February

A selection of new science articles from the past week of interest to the SPARC community (a SPARC Office choice).

The coexistence of gravity waves from diverse sources during a SOUTHTRAC flight. By P. Alexander et al. in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.

Tonga eruption increases chance of temporary surface temperature anomaly above 1.5 °C. By S. Jenkins, C. Smith, M. Allen, and R. Grainger in Nature: Climate Change.

Large-Scale Disturbances in the Upper Thermosphere Induced by the 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption. By R. Li et al. in the Geophysical Research Letters.

Discussion papers – open for comment:

A Method for Calculating Offsets to Ozone Depletion and Climate Impacts of Ozone-Depleting Substances. By G.B. Dreyfus, S.A. Montzka, S.O. Andersen, and R. Ferris in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Characterizing the Tropospheric Water Vapor Variation using COSMIC Radio Occultation and ECMWF Reanalysis Data. By X. Shao et al. in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.

Ozone and water vapor variability in the polar middle atmosphere observed with ground-based microwave radiometers. By G. Shi, W. Krochin, E. Asuvageat, and G. Stober in the EGUshpere.

Zugspitze ozone 1978–2020: The role of stratosphere-troposphere transport. By T. Trick, c. Couret, L. Ries, and H. Vogelmann in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics.